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TattooI have been stuck at home for the past 6 days.  Which is going to be just over 2 weeks.  Thanks to needing to have 2 hernia repaired.  I had hoped to return to work in 10 days, but it’s gonna push to 17.  Still in a lot of pain and can’t do a lot without causing issues.

The other day I had explained the origin of my tattoo to an old friend.  I only have 1 tattoo.  I’ve often thought of getting a Bugs Bunny holding drumsticks as a second tattoo as well as a third that says “Trust is Earned”.  But so far I just have the one and it’s fading 😕

But I chose my tattoo well.  It’s based on a clan of Vampires from The Masquerade game.  Called the Toreador.  Of which my character in the game was associated.  I played when I was in my 20’s.  I customized it from there.

Black for the cold and dead I feel inside. The pedals of my shattered heart. The thorns to keep people at arms length. The blood is I’m still alive but not completely healed and may never be.

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