I’m Not a Console Gamer

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Not a Console GamerSo my venture into owning a console hasn’t gone well.  Try as I may, I just can’t get into using a controller over a keyboard and mouse.  I’m able to play casually, but can’t get the control or accuracy I have grown to love from playing on my desktop or laptop.  While it’s cool to sit in my easy chair and see things on a big screen TV, I just can’t fall in love with the way that plays.

As far as my Steam Deck goes, I love it!  I really do and I will likely keep it.  It’s convenient to take with me when a laptop isn’t justifiable.  Such as waiting for a doctor appointment or when my car is in the shop for medial maintenance and simply need to kill a couple of hours.  Or even visiting relatives that I’m not real into seeing.  Like Christmas gatherings 😉

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