Soloing in WoW Again

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Mount HuntingI keep saying I’m done with World of Warcraft.  I keep emailing Blizzard that I want to no longer deal with skill and class changes.  That I’m fed up with costly expansions and collectibles with extended subscriptions.  Then I find myself bored with grinding in Elder Scrolls Online.  Even though I still find ESO far superior to WoW, I can’t stop wanting that charm I once had.  Plus I love collecting mounts and achievements.  So I sign up again and BAM!  I’m back at it.

I even spent money on the extended subscription plans, expansions that include all the bells and whistles and boosting all my toons to level 70.  It’s a good thing I have a good job so I can afford all this crap 😂

I keep hoping someday I’ll finally drop Invincible…  Someday…

It’s a good thing I can do all this on Linux 🐧

Hell I think all my games play better on Linux than they ever did before I made the switch!

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