Keep AI Out of Linux

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No AI on Linux!Recently there are two letters that when said together, do nothing but raise the hair on the back of my neck in absolute rage.  It’s far more irritating than life was when everything was HD or Extreme or 4K.  Those were just terms for creating hype for high quality or at least to fake you into believing because it had such terms that is was automatically a good product.

I’m talking about AI or Artificial Intelligence.  I can’t stand the idea of computers thinking for themselves.  They pass it off as AI is only here to help humanity.  While that’s partly true.  It’s more a tool for making people even more lazy and stupid than ever before.  It’s also a tool they will inevitably use to spy on people.  I can’t imagine a world with even more ignorance, indifference and demotivated people than we have now.  People don’t want to work.  People don’t want to cook.  They don’t want to do or clean up.  As a person who visits many homes daily, and works overtime consistently, I seen this degradation in humanity increase over the last 45 years.

When it comes to privacy.  I’ve spent the last 5 years removing myself from the public to a certain degree that now people only see what I want them to see about me.  I have never been the believer that everyone should know everything about everyone else.  What I do in my home and my private life is no one else’s to know.  When I made the move to Linux 2 years ago it was to stop Microsoft from spying.  They’ve been doing it all along with telemetry.  Now they are ramping it up with Recall.  Promising that it’s all kept local on your computer.  I give it 6 months before someone tracks down where all your data will be going.

I moved to Linux to get away from Telemetry and regain freedom on computing.  As well as join the massive community that respects privacy.

So when I heard that some open source developers wanted to include AI, I got mad.  But I can’t explain it any better than Troy does from eBuzz Central did in this video.

In short, keep AI out of Linux!

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