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That's All FolksI don’t know what everyone else has experienced.  But I swear that every single TV series I actually make it to the end of, ends horrible or silly.  I’m not talking abruptly canceled shows.  But shows that ran their course and knew they were going to end.  Then either the story was butchered by the writers, the writers got super lazy or ended on such a down note that it makes re-watching the series depressing knowing how it all ends.

My mere opinions of course.

The shows I find with horrible series endings are:

Angel – Lazy writer’s ending.  Just place all the remaining characters in a sure fire losing battle.  Then go black.  No knowing if it’s a happy ending or not.  But just leaves you thinking that you wasted a lot of time just to feel empty.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer –  Lazy writer’s ending, but not as bad as Angel.  Every woman is now a slayer.  Yay.  So I guess the it goes from excitement to evil is doomed.  The end.

Game of Thrones – Everyone knows what happened there.  Holy shit was a last season.  Murder spree followed by what the f*ck final choices for the future 😳

Merlin – Great show.  Loved it until the last episode.  Time goes by and Merlin is just walking down the road and a truck passes him.  I have no idea what kind of artsy bull-pucky that was supposed to give me.

Peaky Blinders – I had so hoped someone could’ve had a happy ending.  Instead it was a clock strike and he mutters something about peace and walks away.  Huh?

The Originals – All that stuff of fighting for family and it ends in them just ceasing to exist.

The Sopranos – This one I sort of get, but for once can’t a gangster get a happy ending?

Just makes me not want to get invested in another series.  I have yet to finish Lucifer for fear it will just end poorly.  I haven’t looked up the episode info as the show ended a time ago.  I’ll get around to it I’m sure.

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Starting Over

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power buttonWelcome to Geeks Den!  Previously My Linux Life.  Having made the complete move from Windows and Mac to Linux only, my life has never been better!  I love it!  Gaming is actually better in many cases.  But I’m not good at a focused content site.  I ran out of things to say.  So I’m rebuilding again for my new site.

Geeks Den will include my love of Linux, Privacy, Tech, Gaming, Music and much more!  Stay tuned!

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