• VirtualBox – Virtual environment for OS experimentation


  • Heroic Games Launcher – GOG and Epic Games Launcher
  • Lutris – Game Launcher, also does GOG and Epic and a few others
  • Steam – Play thousands of games on Linux!

Image Viewers and Editors

  • GIMP – Very complex but great image editor
  • IrfanView – Image viewer via WINE works great!
  • Pinta – Looks like, not as refined yet





You don’t really need an antivirus for Linux unless you’re downloading software outside of the package manager or software store inside your Linux desktop or running as admin all the time. More info here.
  • ClamAV – If you feel you need it, here you go 😊
  • PIA VPN – For keeping your doings more private

System Utilities

  • BleachBit – System cleanup tool
  • Bottles – Much easier way to run non-native programs on Linux
  • CoreCtrl – Fan, CPU and GPU control
  • CPU-X – CPU-Z for Linux
  • Detwinner – Dupe photo and file finder
  • FileZilla – FTP program
  • GParted – Drive manager and clone tool
  • K3B – CD / DVD Burner
  • Nextcloud – Use this for backups/sharing across devices
  • PeaZip – Handy zip/compression software
  • PlayOnLinux – When you can’t make something work like it did on Windows…
  • ProtonUp-Qt – Using advanced versions of Proton
  • RustDesk – Remote Desktop that beats using TeamViewer!
  • Wine – Necessary to make Windows games and apps possible.
While open source software on this page is free to download from the internet, there are programmers who work very hard to make this software for you. Please consider donating to them if you plan to use their software.

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