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5 Seconds of Summer – Girls Talk Boys (Drum Cover)

Was just practicing when I decided to share what I was doing with friends. Turned out decent enough to share 😀

DaDa – Dizz Knee Land (Drum Cover)

Just a fun song. Though this was more of a test to see if this would work. If you’re reading this, it did. Though mistakes were made and red is definitely not my color.

Fastball – Fire Escape (Drum Cover)

I had actually forgotten about this song completely until I heard it on Walmart Radio a couple of years back. Knew it had to be one of the songs I’d end up covering.

Lit – My Own Worst Enemy (Drum Cover)

My very first drum cover ever!

Chevelle – Grab Thy Hand (Allen Drum Cover)

It’s hard to call this a flashback when it was never publicly posted. Allen was messing around with his new GoPro camera with the intention of doing his own drum covers. This was the test he did.

  • Chevelle – Grab Thy Hand
  • Released 2002 on Wonder What’s Next
  • Epic Records – copyrighted property of its owner(s).
  • Allen – Apr 10, 2017

Adam Sings “All of Me” by John Legend

Finally I have a video of my son, Adam and his glorious voice! He sung this just before him and Laura were announced as Husband and Wife 🙂 I’m very proud of this man.

Level 90 Elite Tauren Chieftain – Power of the Horde [HD]

HD Version of the popular music performance in the Grim Guzzler of Blackrock Depths. (Wiki)

Allen on the Drums

Video One

Video Two

Internet Outage

I made this because it seems that people get ungodly irate over their internet issues. It’s always near the point of madness. Working at an ISP, I take angry calls all the time over this. And 99% of the time, if they just restarted their modems/routers…. They wouldn’t even need to call me. To make this better, it just so happens to be about the time South Park did the same thing in an episode.

Nifty eh?

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