No to Consoles

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No to ConsolesTry as I may.  I just cannot get used to a controller.  Whether it’s the native Steam Deck controls or the Xbox controller I bought and mainly used while my deck was connected to my TV.  Plus, my favorite games don’t play as well on a controller (except GTA V).

Everything just never stopped feeling clunky and 40ish years of using a keyboard and mouse to play games with has really become like an extension of myself.  Not just for gaming.  But coding, editing and of course writing.  LOL  I still write by hand like a third grader.  I always tell people there’s a reason I prefer a keyboard.  The problem comes in when I write for pleasure and end up adding <code> to it 😉

So I sold my Steam Deck and all it’s peripherals for $400 to a co-worker.  I’m a computer gamer now and forever.

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Learning to Make Stuff

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My work schedule sucks, but I make fairly good money.  Problem is not having time to enjoy my endeavors and learn new things.  I finally got the chance to sit down and take a crack at making my own shirt.  First shirt ended up in the trash 😂

My second turned out pretty darn good 😊  I used my online profile info and wore it around town today!  Got a couple of compliments so I’m encouraged to do more on my next free day.

Profile Shirt

Profile Shirt

Let me know what you think ✍

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My GTA Online Cars

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I haven’t actually played GTA V in single player mode.  At least not for long.  The last GTA I played all the way through was GTA IV.  I didn’t get into it like I once did.  Then GTA Online came along.

I tried to play the game.  But modders and griefers made me go to play solo.  Much like I play WoW and ESO.  Except I don’t have to hide from other players in those games.

So have only really done solo content.  Mostly treasure hunting, auto shop and other random events that a solo player can do.

I have however, collected an insane amount of vehicles.  To date, 166.

Yes I know I have the Kosatka in the list twice, because the Dingy can be summoned and driven anywhere on the water.

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Keep AI Out of Linux

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No AI on Linux!Recently there are two letters that when said together, do nothing but raise the hair on the back of my neck in absolute rage.  It’s far more irritating than life was when everything was HD or Extreme or 4K.  Those were just terms for creating hype for high quality or at least to fake you into believing because it had such terms that is was automatically a good product.

I’m talking about AI or Artificial Intelligence.  I can’t stand the idea of computers thinking for themselves.  They pass it off as AI is only here to help humanity.  While that’s partly true.  It’s more a tool for making people even more lazy and stupid than ever before.  It’s also a tool they will inevitably use to spy on people.  I can’t imagine a world with even more ignorance, indifference and demotivated people than we have now.  People don’t want to work.  People don’t want to cook.  They don’t want to do or clean up.  As a person who visits many homes daily, and works overtime consistently, I seen this degradation in humanity increase over the last 45 years.

When it comes to privacy.  I’ve spent the last 5 years removing myself from the public to a certain degree that now people only see what I want them to see about me.  I have never been the believer that everyone should know everything about everyone else.  What I do in my home and my private life is no one else’s to know.  When I made the move to Linux 2 years ago it was to stop Microsoft from spying.  They’ve been doing it all along with telemetry.  Now they are ramping it up with Recall.  Promising that it’s all kept local on your computer.  I give it 6 months before someone tracks down where all your data will be going.

I moved to Linux to get away from Telemetry and regain freedom on computing.  As well as join the massive community that respects privacy.

So when I heard that some open source developers wanted to include AI, I got mad.  But I can’t explain it any better than Troy does from eBuzz Central did in this video.

In short, keep AI out of Linux!

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New Hobby – Cricut

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Cricut Explore 3LIke playing drums, guitar, refurbishing my house, learning Linux and playing all my favorite games wasn’t enough…  Now I’ve decided to invest fully into and learn how to use Cricut devices.  Thus, I can make my own shirts, mugs, hats, vinyl decals and stickers.  Let me explain why.

So you likely know if you’ve been here before.  I sell such things promoting my love of Linux and Gaming.  As well as my fear of stupid people.  Honestly I only make enough money to get a free shirt once a year.  It’s not a money maker.  Never was.  It’s cool and it gets me all sorts of conversation and fun reactions 😀

Then I made some hoodies.  Then I decided to buy one.  It’s over $65 before my $5 profit.  The biggest profit item I have.  Others are $2.  For $65 this should be a very high quality item.  Even if the zipper and tie string is white while the hoodie is black.  Odd, but OK.

I buy one on sale for $57.  Yeah I had to buy it too.  Just like anyone else.  I get this thing and immediately let down.  It’s insanely thin and kind of small for an XL.  It fits and it’s soft.  But snug.  Not like any of my other XL hoodies.  They are less expensive (like less than $20) and are heavier duty.  This is like a thick t-shirt with long sleeves and a hood.  The printing is not nearly as good as the shirts I sell.  I sincerely over paid for this.  I won’t be surprised if I don’t sell any others using the third party printer I’ve chosen.

Plus I really wanted to get some die-cut stickers made for I Game on Linux!  New business cards for Geeks Den.  Vinyl decals  for my car.  Then I realized I can do all this myself if I get and learn a Cricut.  So that’s what I’m starting to do.

I Game on Linux! Sticker

I Game on Linux! Sticker

So good things are coming soon!

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Soloing in WoW Again

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Mount HuntingI keep saying I’m done with World of Warcraft.  I keep emailing Blizzard that I want to no longer deal with skill and class changes.  That I’m fed up with costly expansions and collectibles with extended subscriptions.  Then I find myself bored with grinding in Elder Scrolls Online.  Even though I still find ESO far superior to WoW, I can’t stop wanting that charm I once had.  Plus I love collecting mounts and achievements.  So I sign up again and BAM!  I’m back at it.

I even spent money on the extended subscription plans, expansions that include all the bells and whistles and boosting all my toons to level 70.  It’s a good thing I have a good job so I can afford all this crap 😂

I keep hoping someday I’ll finally drop Invincible…  Someday…

It’s a good thing I can do all this on Linux 🐧

Hell I think all my games play better on Linux than they ever did before I made the switch!

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I’m Not a Console Gamer

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Not a Console GamerSo my venture into owning a console hasn’t gone well.  Try as I may, I just can’t get into using a controller over a keyboard and mouse.  I’m able to play casually, but can’t get the control or accuracy I have grown to love from playing on my desktop or laptop.  While it’s cool to sit in my easy chair and see things on a big screen TV, I just can’t fall in love with the way that plays.

As far as my Steam Deck goes, I love it!  I really do and I will likely keep it.  It’s convenient to take with me when a laptop isn’t justifiable.  Such as waiting for a doctor appointment or when my car is in the shop for medial maintenance and simply need to kill a couple of hours.  Or even visiting relatives that I’m not real into seeing.  Like Christmas gatherings 😉

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World of Warcraft on Steam Deck

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Steam Deck oLEDInstalling World of Warcraft is actually super easy on Steam Deck.  Though I’ve found more than one very convoluted tutorial on YouTube on how it can be done.  Including an insane trip to find the AddOns folder.

Some actually tell you to sort by date and look for a numbered folder.  What the actual 🦆?  Why make it so hard?  My setup has the folders super easy to find.  No hunting dated and numbers folder.

Here’s the easy way to do it:

First use the Steam menu on your Deck and choose Power.  Then Switch to Desktop mode.

Then, go to System and open Discover (the software manager for the Steam Deck)



Install Lutris (search for Lutris and choose install)

Once installed, open Lutris and click the Plus + : Search for



Add Game

Add Game



Once the installer comes up, merely follow the onscreen instructions.  Make sure you check Add Shortcut to Steam.  This way when you’re done, you can launch it from the Steam Deck like any other game.

Take care not to log into the Blizzard app on the first appearance.  Instead close it.  Once you complete the install and have closed Lutris.

Now you can install any AddOns you want in the following locations:

/home/deck/Games/battlenet/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/World of Warcraft/_retail_/Interface/AddOns
/home/deck/Games/battlenet/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/World of

Once you have your AddOns installed, such as the important AddOn of ConsolePort so you can play WoW on your Deck.  Simply use Dophin just like any other file manager.



Now you’re ready to play World of Warcraft.  Switch to Steam Deck using the icon provided and launch WoW.  You will need to use the touch pads as a mouse to get through game install and launches, but after that the game play is fairly good and easy!  To log into the game, use Steam + X to bring up the virtual keyboard.

Enjoy 😀

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EDID is a Bitch

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EDID AdapterSetting up my Steam Deck turned out to be a bit of a challenge.  Not because of my deck.  That was easy and while it’s meant to be a handheld device.  I really want to be able to also use it on my TV while at home.  I soon learned of the challenges of simply connecting it to a TV isn’t so straight forward.

Because the EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) of my deck wasn’t recognized by the Samsung TV I have.  The TV is a 2020 Smart UHD model.

I knew I’d have to limit the frame-rate of my Steam Deck to 60.  That was a given.  But I was only able to get the TV to recognize it twice and as soon as I’d turn the TV off, the information was lost.  It wasn’t easy to realize that it was a communication of something I’ve never had an issue with before.  So not knowing much about the issue, I spent hours searching the web for people with the same issue and how they fixed it.

Side Note: Have you ever noticed that doing internet searches are far less useful than they used to be?  You search for something and you’ll find a plethora of other people asking the same question but no answers.  Or you get results that are completely unrelated to what you are searching for but somehow are related to the latest media nonsense?  I digress…

After changing my search query multiple times and weeding through endless pages of useless results I finally got educated on EDID and how you sometimes need to fake the info in order for your device to be recognized.  In short you need an EDID Adapter.

I bought the recommended device from Amazon and a few days later it arrived and now my deck works like a champ on my TV.  Though I have been thinking I might want a new TV.  My 55″ looks small in comparison to my living-room.  Might splurge on a holiday deal and pickup a 65″ TV.

I work a lot.  So my time with my Steam Deck has been very limited.  Plus it seems I can’t have a day off without someone needing my attention.  I was hoping living alone would alleviate this nonsense and I could enjoy some solitude.  I mean after working 50+ hours a week, it would be nice to relax in my own home.

I’m excited to see what I can do with a Steam Deck.  I have successfully installed all my favorite games, just haven’t spent much time playing on it.  Also I need to write up how to install World of Warcraft on a Steam Deck.  The videos I found where convoluted at best.  There’s a seriously easier way.

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My Top 5 Favorite Guitarists

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Top 5 Favorite GuitaristsAs I said before, I don’t follow trends.  I make my own way and my own rules.  I’m not like many others in this world and choose my friends carefully.  Same goes with my heroes.  Today I’m going to share my top five favorite guitarists.

First let me say I’m so happy the ‘Guitar Solo’ died.  I love an electric guitar, but a screeching twang solo was never my idea of goodness.  Especially the 20 minutes solos of the 60’s and 70’s.

Alex Lifeson – Sure Alex has a lot of guitar solos.  Once upon a time I enjoyed them and others.  But over the years solos just became noise to me.  But when it comes to unique sound and catchy riffs.  Alex Lifeson produced some of the most iconic in the history of Rock.  I can hear 2 seconds of his guitar and know it’s a Rush song.

Roy Clark – I have to say, Mr. Clark to me, was Eddie Van Halen of his time.  Even right into his old age, this man could shred with the best.  I’ll never know why when there is a best guitarist list, I almost never see him on it.  There’s no denying that Roy Clark was one of the absolute greatest guitarists.  And damn he’s funny!

Phil Collen – Not to belittle Steve Clark who was also a phenomenal guitarist, but Phil turned Def Leppard into what it is today.  His tone and licks were some of the best in Rock History.  Still one of my most favorite bands today.

Eddie Van Halen – I feel like I’m just regurgitating the same verbiage everyone does when it comes to Eddie.  No denying he was at the top of his game.  It’s a shame his time was cut short and so many years wasted on silly band issues.  There’s so much more he could’ve done before he passed.

Ted Nugent – I’ll never know why Uncle Ted can’t get more love in this world.  He’s a world renowned guitarist and a true blue patriot.  Yet when top guitarist lists come out, he’s rarely on one.  To me the lists are biased.  Ted’s riffs and techniques are freaking flawless.

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