My Top 5 Favorite Guitarists

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Top 5 Favorite GuitaristsAs I said before, I don’t follow trends.  I make my own way and my own rules.  I’m not like many others in this world and choose my friends carefully.  Same goes with my heroes.  Today I’m going to share my top five favorite guitarists.

First let me say I’m so happy the ‘Guitar Solo’ died.  I love an electric guitar, but a screeching twang solo was never my idea of goodness.  Especially the 20 minutes solos of the 60’s and 70’s.

Alex Lifeson – Sure Alex has a lot of guitar solos.  Once upon a time I enjoyed them and others.  But over the years solos just became noise to me.  But when it comes to unique sound and catchy riffs.  Alex Lifeson produced some of the most iconic in the history of Rock.  I can hear 2 seconds of his guitar and know it’s a Rush song.

Roy Clark – I have to say, Mr. Clark to me, was Eddie Van Halen of his time.  Even right into his old age, this man could shred with the best.  I’ll never know why when there is a best guitarist list, I almost never see him on it.  There’s no denying that Roy Clark was one of the absolute greatest guitarists.  And damn he’s funny!

Phil Collen – Not to belittle Steve Clark who was also a phenomenal guitarist, but Phil turned Def Leppard into what it is today.  His tone and licks were some of the best in Rock History.  Still one of my most favorite bands today.

Eddie Van Halen – I feel like I’m just regurgitating the same verbiage everyone does when it comes to Eddie.  No denying he was at the top of his game.  It’s a shame his time was cut short and so many years wasted on silly band issues.  There’s so much more he could’ve done before he passed.

Ted Nugent – I’ll never know why Uncle Ted can’t get more love in this world.  He’s a world renowned guitarist and a true blue patriot.  Yet when top guitarist lists come out, he’s rarely on one.  To me the lists are biased.  Ted’s riffs and techniques are freaking flawless.

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